Our Mission & Vision

Cyberchance is a 501(c)3 dedicated to empowering at-risk, underrepresented and justice-impacted individuals by providing comprehensive cybersecurity training, mentorship, and career development opportunities. We aim to bridge the digital divide and create pathways to success by equipping our participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the rapidly evolving cybersecurity field. Through our holistic approach, we strive to break down barriers, promote inclusivity, and foster a community that champions second chances. By leveraging the transformative power of cybersecurity, we are committed to building a safer and more equitable future for all.

Cyberchance Team

Our Goals

Mentorship and Guidance

Our project incorporates mentorship, pairing participants with experienced professionals who provide guidance and support. Mentors serve as role models, offering encouragement, sharing insights, and helping participants navigate their career paths. 

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Training

By providing comprehensive cybersecurity training, we equip our participants with valuable skills and knowledge. As they gain proficiency in this high-demand field, their confidence in their abilities grows. Developing expertise in cybersecurity empowers them to tackle real-world challenges and contributes to their self-confidence.

Personal and Professional Development

We prioritize the holistic development of our participants, focusing not only on technical skills but also on personal and professional growth. Through workshops, coaching, and training in areas like communication, leadership, and resilience, we aim to help participants realize their full potential.

Community Support and Peer Networks

We foster a supportive community where participants can connect with peers who share similar experiences. Through networking events, community forums, and collaborative projects, participants build relationships, exchange knowledge, and support one another. 

Recognition and Celebration of Achievments

We create a culture that celebrates and acknowledges the achievements of our participants. From completing training milestones to securing internships or job placements, we recognize their accomplishments and share their success stories. This recognition not only boosts their confidence but also validates their journey, reinforcing their self-value and inspiring others.

Certifications and Careers

Certifications are often highly regarded by employers in the cybersecurity industry. They serve as proof that participants possess the necessary expertise and have met specific industry standards. Holding relevant certifications can significantly enhance participants’ employability, as it demonstrates to potential employers that they have the skills and qualifications needed to excel in the field. This can open doors to a broader range of job opportunities and career advancement.

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