Our Mission & Vision

Underprivileged teens and troubled young men and women don’t have access to the resources that many people have. They are often surrounded by less than optimal conditions and don’t have access to many positive role models. Our mission is to provide cybersecurity training to these individuals which will keep them off of the streets, provide them with marketable, in-demand skills, and boost their self-esteem and confidence while also filling the cybersecurity talent gap.

Cyberchance Team

Our Goals

A Sense of Purpose

Many inner-city and underprivileged young adults don’t have the resources to learn about cybersecurity. Without these types of experiences, they will never know their true potential. We are here to guide them toward their true potential.

Quality Cybersecurity Training

We provide quality cybersecurity education so that teens can find passion, skills, and hopefully a life-long career.

Self Confidence

We promote self confidence through education and positive reinforcement.

Team Work

The importance of teamwork in the business world, and especially in cybersecurity cannot be understated. Teamwork is an important “soft skill” that will help candidates get ahead in their career and in life.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking is another vital “soft skill”  in business, cybersecurity, and in life. Throughout the learning process, we teach students to be public speakers in every sense.

Certifications and Careers

Teaching important cybersecurity skills and “soft skills” are the main purpose of Cyberchance. However, industry-recognized cybersecurity certifications are the first step used to display expertise to potential employers. Our coursework is intended to help them achieve well-known, recognized certifications. Once that is accomplished, we work with the student and potential employers to find a long-term career match.

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